Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My logo

I chose this logo because i feel it is the most suitable logo for a creative/art director. This is because they use the pencil a lot thus the short pencil. This logo also shows my personality, because the colours used are bright and the overall image looks cheerful yet sharp and attractive.

Logo design and Photoshop work

Logo design and business card

Photoshop work

Brochure design

Client : Landscape architects
USP : Backyard escapes
Type : Brochure design and production

Production pieces

Client : Smart
USP : Smart for 2 coupe
Tagline : If you want to feel it you've got to drive it
Type : 2 page magazine spread

Client : Caldier
USP : Really clear glasses
Tagline : Your choice is absolutely clear
Type : 1 page magazine print ad

This is a typeface that i designed for an assignment.

More roughs

Client : Pizza Hut
USP : More topping on their new 16" pizza

Client : Woolsworth Canned Tuna
USP : Really fresh tuna

Creative roughs

Here are some roughs I did in Creative Practice and skills.Client : Giant Mountain Bike
USP : Air filled oil sprung shock absorbers
Tagline : Make every ride the ride of your life

Client : Squeeze and Grind
USP : 3 new locations in the city
Tagline : Enjoy the same great coffee and juice you enjoyed at the airport

Client : Reflex Paper
USP : 100% recycled paper, strong and durable
Tagline : Use less trees

Client : Colgate
USP : Sensitive and whitening toothpaste
Tagline : Sensitive teeth?

more photos

Another interest

I am also kinda into photography. I love taking photos of almost anything. :) These are some of the images i took at the 'watch me train' sessions we attended during our assignment on Assistance Dogs Australia.


This is a set of postcards i did for The Australian Red Cross Society. The postcards were presented in a semi-transparent bag with red transparent wrapping paper inside as if to show a blood pack. There was also a blood tube stuffed with some red paper at the bottom of the pack.

The objective of these postcards is to show the low blood supply of the Australian Red Cross Society. The images are layered as if they were wrapped with plastic.

A promotional video for an assignment on human colours

Playing with colours and typography

Typography posters

These are done in Shelley's class last year where we were supposed to use typography to create a poster.

My philosophy

"An advertisement to an advertiser is just like canvas to a painter." :)

My mission statement.

Who am I?
Im Donovan Goh, a 21 year old RMIT student and part time waiter.

Where am I located?
I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am currently located in Melbourne, Australia where i am doing my degree.

What do i do?
Having done advertising for almost 3 years in college and uni, and also by possessing an outgoing personality, i am easily attracted to all the advertising around me. I am inspired by creative ideas and artwork and I also think of different approaches to what i see.

e portfolio. :)

To start things of, this is a blog of some of what i have done for the past few years in college and uni.

Note. Some stuff here are as lame as this note. :)